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NHS launches Spring Covid-19 booster vaccination bookings


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Over 11.8 million individuals, including frontline healthcare workers and those aged 65 and above, have received the autumn Covid-19 vaccination

The National Health Service (NHS) in the UK is gearing up for its spring Covid-19 vaccination campaign, set to commence on today, 15th April and aims to provide crucial protection against the ongoing threat of the virus, particularly for those most vulnerable to severe illness.

Eligible individuals, including those aged 75 or over by 30th June 2024, individuals with compromised immune systems, and residents of older adult care homes, will have the opportunity to book their vaccination appointments starting the following week.

The spring vaccination window will remain open until 30th June 2024.

Parents or carers are empowered to schedule appointments for children under 16, while individuals aged 16 and above can independently use the NHS App for booking.

The NHS will also embark on visits to older adult care homes and eligible households, with arrangements for home visits facilitated through general practitioners for those receiving all their care at home.

One notable update this year is the expansion of eligibility for individuals with weakened immune systems, now eligible for vaccination from 6 months onwards.

Emphasizing the importance of vaccination, NHS officials underscored the significant protection offered against severe illness, hospitalization, and transmission of the virus, including its variants.

Last year’s data revealed a 50 per cent reduction in hospital admissions among vaccinated individuals compared to their unvaccinated counterparts.

As of February, over 11.8 million individuals, including frontline healthcare workers and those aged 65 and above, have received the autumn Covid-19 vaccination.

NHS leaders urge all eligible individuals who have not received prior doses to seize this opportunity to safeguard their health against Covid-19.

Moreover, the NHS encourages eligible individuals to also consider the shingles vaccine, highlighting its benefits for vulnerable age groups.

Highlighting the importance of getting a spring Covid booster jab, Director of Immunisations at UK Health Security Agency, Dr Mary Ramsay said: “With COVID-19 still circulating, it’s important those at highest risk who are eligible for the spring vaccine get their jab to help top up their immunity.

“We are still seeing COVID-19 causing hospitalisations and severe illness particularly among older people and those with weakened immune systems and the vaccine provides the best protection,” she further added.

Health Minister Maria Caulfield echoed the sentiment, urging eligible individuals to promptly book their vaccination appointments, emphasizing the convenience and accessibility of vaccination sites nationwide.


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