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Numark starts nationwide pharmacy roadshow to launch dispensing solution


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To engage pharmacies with its efficient and effortless dispensing solution – Golden Tote, Numark has initiated a nationwide pharmacy roadshow.

Over the course of the next 12 months, the company hope to visit as many pharmacies as possible to help them see how they can relieve operating pressures and showcase improved prescription assembly.

Golden Tote is a market leading dispensary management system using bar code scanning technology to increase efficiencies, improve patient safety and significantly reduce stockholding of dispensary lines.

The new ‘pick to prescription’ service on the road helps in directly assembling multiple patients’ prescriptions from the tote box, saving time and taking away the need to place stock on shelves, date checking and stock rotation duties.

It enables clinical and accuracy checks, which releases the pharmacist from any other part of the process. With this assembly can quickly and confidently be handed over to members of the team

Bar code scanning technology reduces the risk of human error, increasing patient safety and providing peace of mind.

To showcase the new state-of-the-art interactive, digital installation, Numark is taking to the road on-board two Luton vans.

During the roadshow, a Numark representative will provide a welcome introduction to pharmacy teams, video testimonials of member pharmacies on-board along with a ‘benefits wall’, allowing the pharmacy teams to gather all the information they need about the new service, exclusive to Numark members.

The new system helps pharmacists free up time at the dispensary bench to allow them to engage more with patients, generate more income streams and increase profitability.

Nicky Grundy, Head of Numark Consulting, says: “With Golden Tote, prescription assembly becomes a ‘just in time model’ – reducing stock holding requirements. The application utilises barcode technology to allow for both assembly and accuracy checks. No longer is there a requirement to double handle stock from totes – saving precious time from checking off invoices, putting orders away twice a day, in addition to significantly reducing stock rotation and date checking.

“We’re delighted to be able to give pharmacy teams first-hand experience of our new dispensing solution. We hope our on-board, interactive experience is a welcome space for members to ask questions and see how the solution works in practice.

Jeremy Meader, Managing Director of Numark, said: “We’re on a mission to help our members with everything we possibly can, to help pharmacy practices thrive, through innovation in products and services.  Golden Tote is a first of its kind – breaking the mould, providing a revolutionary change in dispensing practice, which haven’t changed in decades.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has further highlighted the pressures faced by community pharmacies. By making the dispensing of prescriptions as fast, efficient, and as effortless as possible, we hope to help our members free up more time to concentrate on patient care and business retention.”

Golden Tote offers Numark members a pivotal opportunity to radically change their assembly process for prescriptions, which has already been recognised by more than 4,700 UK community pharmacies.


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