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Scottish government announces community pharmacy ventilation funding


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The Scottish government has announced funding to help community pharmacy contractors purchase air extraction equipment for their premises.

The funding will be available to pharmacies that have fitted or committed to fit air extraction equipment on or after 1 April 2020.

The funding is aimed at supporting both staff and patient safety, as pharmacists in Scotland provide face to face healthcare services to people every day.

The investment is seen as an important protection measure against respiratory infections, including Covid-19 transmission, as Scotland begins to open-up again following the pandemic.

Clare Morrison

Commenting on the Scottish government’s funding announcement, Clare Morrison, director of RPS Scotland, said: “This additional funding is really important. More and more people across Scotland are choosing to access pharmacy teams directly as their first port of call, so it’s good to know that there is going to be additional investment in protecting both the public and staff from respiratory infections, including Covid.

“As we re-emerge from the pandemic, it’s important that we all take appropriate measures to protect one another, especially those who are particularly vulnerable. This investment is a sensible measure, that will limit the spread of infection and provide people with confidence as we go about our everyday lives.”


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