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Superdrug launches newly approved menopause medication ‘Veoza’ on the high street


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The medication can benefit menopausal women who prefer not to or are unable to take hormone replacement.

Veoza, a non-hormonal treatment for menopause, has been made available on the high street for the first time in the UK.

British pharmacy chain Superdrug on Thursday (1st February) announced the launch of the newly approved menopause medication, expanding its comprehensive portfolio of products and services to support menopausal women.

Veoza is a prescription medication that is used to manage vasomotor symptoms, specifically hot flushes and night sweats, which affect up to 80 per cent of women during menopause, as estimated by experts.

It is recommended for women who prefer not to or are unable to take hormone replacement.

Perimenopausal, menopausal and postmenopausal women, aged 45-65 who are not on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) or hormonal contraception, and are suffering from moderate to severe vasomotor symptoms, are eligible to take the medication, the retailer said in a release.

Superdrug’s Healthcare Director, Ghada Beal commented, “Superdrug’s dedication to progressive healthcare solutions is reflected in the introduction of this non-hormonal menopause relief.

“As trusted healthcare experts, we understand the unique challenges faced during menopause and are dedicated to offering accessible, effective and choice-driven solutions.”

A Lancet study found that Fezolinetant 45 mg (the active ingredient in Veoza) can significantly reduce the frequency and severity of vasomotor symptoms at week 4 and week 12, compared with the placebo.

“Improvements in frequency and severity of vasomotor symptoms were observed after 1 week and maintained over 52 weeks,” said Superdrug’s Online Doctor General Practitioner, Dr Babak Ashrafi, referring to the study.

Veoza can be found at Superdrug Online Doctor, priced at £99.00 for a pack of 28.

How does it work

Vasomotor symptoms are those that occur due to the constriction or dilation of blood vessels such as hot flushes, night sweats, heart palpitations, and changes in blood pressure.

The occurrence of vasomotor symptoms during menopause is believed to be caused by hormonal fluctuations that affect the mechanisms that control blood pressure and temperature control.

Veoza targets the brain’s temperature-control centre to help alleviate these symptoms.

To support menopausal women, Superdrug also offers a range of vitamins and supplements, HRT, and services such as menopause test kits, as well as professional menopause advice through its Online Doctor service.


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