The NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) has outclassed global business giants to win ‘Gold’ at a virtual awards ceremony held by Inspiring Workplaces on Wednesday (July 14).

The Inspiring Workplaces Award recognises organisations that put their people at the heart of their business, and it covers Europe, Middle East, and Asia (EMEA) with a separate award for North America.

NHSBSA won the 2021 Inspiring Communications Award category in which it was up against big businesses including IKEA (which won Bronze), and Vodafone and Visa who won joint Silver.

Judges were said to be “impressed and inspired” by the consistency of NHSBSA’s approach.

They said: “It’s clear the ability to pivot and adapt to evolve to meet everyone’s needs was highly successful. This is the best-in-class example of communications in action.”

Mark Dibble, a director at NHSBSA said: “It’s such a great testament to all my colleagues who work really, really hard to keep everyone involved. We’re across all of England and it’s been a huge task. We did it pretty quickly and there was a lot of technology involved which is always a challenge. But like a lot of people, we rose to the challenge and did our very best. It’s brilliant news, we’re delighted.”

On presenting the award, CEO & founder of Inspiring Workplaces Group, Matt Manners, said: “Personally I think comms was almost the most important piece of how we all reacted to the pandemic… giving people a voice, feeling empowered and the autonomy to do things…Comms people were forced to try new things and fast.”

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