Mental ill-health
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NICE and Public Health England have jointly released a guideline on Mental Wellbeing at Work, recommending mental health training for pharmacy managers and employers.

The guideline has been prepared by an independent committee, comprising of mental health experts, employers, professionals from across the NHS, local authority members, and lay members.

It covers creation of right environment at work to support mental wellbeing through a culture of participation, equality, safety and fairness based on open communication.

Mental health training for managers, employers should include:

  • how to have a conversation about mental wellbeing with an employee
  • information about mental wellbeing
  • how to identify early warning signs of poor mental wellbeing
  • resources on mental wellbeing
  • awareness of the stigma associated with poor mental wellbeing
  • ongoing monitoring of mental wellbeing in the workplace

Dr Paul Chrisp, director of NICE’s centre for guidelines, said: “Our new guideline has considered issues which were a problem before Covid-19 emerged and new issues which have presented themselves as a result of the pandemic.

“Reducing stigma and equipping managers with skills to have conversations with employees about mental health is likely to facilitate conversations between managers and employees about any concerns about their mental wellbeing. This makes it more likely that managers can support employees with mental health issues.

He added that providing managers the skills to discuss mental wellbeing will improve the relationship between them and employees.

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