The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has updated its advice on two therapeutics for managing Covid-19 – remdesiver and colchicine.

The expert committee at NICE concluded that there was ‘insufficient’ evidence to recommend colchicine as a treatment for Covid-19 patients. Whilst it does not recommend the drug for treating Covid-19 patients in hospital, it does suggest research should be carried out in community settings to see whether it might ‘yet be an effective treatment’.

NICE also published an update to the conditional recommendation for using Remdesivir in Covid-19 patients in hospital settings. It now advises that Remdesivir should be considered for hospitalised patients, aged 12 years and over or weighing 40 kilograms or more, who are on low-flow supplemental oxygen (delivered through a face mask or nasal canula).

Previously, NICE had advised that Remdesivir should be considered for patients on supplemental oxygen but not on invasive mechanical ventilation.

The latest update reflects a slightly different approach to the data analysis based on evidence that the use of Remdesivir is more beneficial earlier in the course of disease. However, the duration and length of treatment with Remdesivir in Covid-19 patients remains unchanged at five days.

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