Olbas Oil

Olbas has announced the launch of its new TV ad campaign which will debut across the country this October.

The TV campaign, which will be supported by a £1.5 million pound media investment, has been directed by commercial film director, Anthony Farquhar-Smith.

The latest Olbas advertising creative will feature a new animated character, Lauren who is suffering with congestion caused by a cold. Lauren will be seen at home as the house begins to fill with balloons causing Lauren to feel uncomfortable and restricted, mimicking the ‘bunged up’ feeling of a heavy head cold. Olbas then saves the day as we see Lauren reach for a bottle of Olbas Oil to ease the symptoms of congestion, and as a result, the balloons deflate and the house returns to normal.

Along with the large media investment, the campaign will also benefit from a strong PR programme to ensure the brand and retail sales are well supported throughout the peak cold and flu season.

Owned by family-run health business, Lanes Health, Olbas Oil continues to be manufactured at their Gloucester based factory. Olbas uses only natural essential oils to provide a gentle but effective formulation to ease congestion and enhance breathing passages. The product offer includes Olbas Oil, Olbas For Children, Olbas Inhaler, Olbas Nasal Spray, Olbas Menthol Pastilles and Olbas Bath.

Claire Campbell, Brand Manager for Olbas said: “We are so excited to be launching a brand-new TV campaign this year. Olbas is a house-hold name that many of us have grown up knowing so it’s important to us that we always retain the heritage of the brand in our marketing executions.

“That heavy head feeling is something we can all relate to which is what inspired the creative direction of our latest advertising campaign. With previous TV advertising campaigns having such a positive impact on our sales, we feel confident that consumers are going to love this campaign just as much as our previous ones.”

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