Community Pharmacy Workforce Mandatory Survey

Only a day is left before community pharmacy contractors are required to complete Health Education England’s Community Pharmacy Workforce Survey for 2022.

The survey closes on Wednesday (November 30).

The completion requirements are mandatory and particularly pertinent at a time when workforce challenges have become a major issue within the sector. These pressures are being acutely felt within community pharmacy, with serious consequences for pharmacy contractors.

PSNC and the other national pharmacy bodies have called for improved workforce planning to be undertaken by the government and NHS, but for this to happen, high quality workforce data for community pharmacy needs to be available, which will then provide a full picture of the sector’s workforce, including identifying the number of vacancies and regions where these are particularly hard to fill.

That is the reason that completion of the workforce survey is so important for the community pharmacy sector, said the PSNC in a statement.

The NHS Business Services Authority sent an email to community contractors on October 6 containing a link to the survey.

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