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More than 50 per cent of pharmacy contractors are now using Manage Your Service (MYS) to submit their end-of-month FP34C figures digitally. The NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) revealed that over 6,000 contractors used the MYS portal for their month-end submissions.

Instead of completing the paper FP34C by hand, contractors are encouraged to submit their end of month figures via MYS.

MYS offers built-in validation to minimise risk of data entry errors for example, by preventing the value entered of the total number of prescription forms from being greater than the value of items claimed; less room for error in the submission process; the ability to view all past submissions in one place; the ability to manage submissions more easily; and an electronic record of the monthly FP34C declaration which can also be sent to a nominated email address.

It provides easier post-payment verification of pharmacy submissions after bundles have been processed and Schedule of Payments generated and the ability to request information reports providing more visibility of claims made.

PSNC remains supportive of contractors using the MYS portal to manage, submit and view their claims digitally.

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