The Pharmacists’ Defence Union has been praised for securing a much-anticipated trade union recognition for pharmacists working at LloydsPharmacy.

A pharmacist working in the McKesson UK-owned multiple said: “I could not be happier that you have secured trade union recognition for Lloyds Pharmacy! As a Lloyds pharmacist, I feel much more reassured that our needs are cared about.”

In a statement on Monday (Feb 8) the PDA Union said the voluntary trade union recognition agreement that it had reached “will enable pharmacists at Lloyds to negotiate over certain terms and conditions and be consulted on matters which impact on their employment.”

Johnny Dowd, McKesson UK’s head of HR, said: “Our pharmacists are highly valued individuals at the very heart of what we do, providing excellent care to their communities. Our aim is to provide them with a rewarding career in which they feel valued and able to achieve their professional and personal goals. We believe that the PDA can help us achieve that ambition and we are looking forward to working closely with them going forward.”

The union recognition will allow “a collective voice at work” to around 2,600 pharmacists, in collective bargaining on working conditions, pay, hours and holiday entitlement, among others.

Paul Day, Director at PDA Union said: “LloydsPharmacy is a major employer of UK pharmacists and we are delighted that we have reached this outcome through a series of mutually respectful discussions focused on how we can jointly improve the experience of pharmacists at work.

“We all understand that while we have many shared objectives, such as ensuring safe and healthy workplaces and professional fulfilment for pharmacists, we may not always agree on every issue.

“However, having an honest and constructive working relationship between employer and employee representatives means that we can navigate all circumstances and by ensuring the voice of pharmacists is properly heard, that can only improve matters.”

The first pay negotiations under the new agreement will begin later this year in time for the 2022 pay review.

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