Professor Duncan Craig is chair of the Pharmacy Schools Council. Photo: Twitter/@duncancraigucl

In a symbolic step forward, the Pharmacy Schools Council (PhSC) has updated its constitution to reflect parity in terms of representations based on gender, ethnicity and geography.

The council said it has done so to ensure that leadership within the profession is equitable, diverse and inclusive.

“Breaking down barriers to accessing leadership positions forms part of the organisation’s ongoing work to ensure that diversity is actively championed within the profession,” PhSC said in a statement.

In addition to the three nominated executive officers, the council’s executive body may now appoint a further two executive officers to ensure that UK pharmacy schools are well represented.

Furthermore, PhSC members may only serve on the executive as chair, deputy chair or executive officer for a maximum of two three-year terms to ensure a regular turnover of new members.

Commenting on the revised constitution, Professor Duncan Craig, chair of the PhSC, said: “Pharmacy schools take seriously their commitment to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion and it is therefore only right that this should be reflected in the Pharmacy Schools Council’s constitution.

“It is essential that we make every effort to ensure that diverse viewpoints are being represented and heard at all levels of decision making and in leadership positions.

“Removing barriers will help to build a profession which is diverse, highly capable and representative of the communities it serves. We look forward to engaging with other ways in which we can drive positive change throughout UK Schools of Pharmacy”.

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