Sunil Lakhani is a community pharmacist in East London

We are in a lockdown


So we are in a lockdown
The phone doesn’t stop ringing
300 calls plus per day, all wanting
home deliveries, patient requests,
how do we cope?


So we are in a lockdown
Our workload has tripled,
deliveries have increased,
public abuse and disorder have risen,
staff are in self isolation.


So we are in a lockdown
Credit limits at wholesalers have exhausted,
drug prices have gone sky high,
Drug Tariff hasn’t increased,
we dispense at a loss, we deliver at a loss.


So we are in a lockdown
Staff morale is low,
no time for coffee let alone lunch.
We close the pharmacy in order to try and eat,
but the phone just rings constantly.


So we are in a lockdown
Have those in power helped us?
A £300M injection, is just an advance,
to be swept away another day.
How do we pay our bills, our hard-working teams?


So we are in a lockdown
Cancel bank holidays,
come to work, open the pharmacies,
you just carry on working,
we are told, and we do comply.


So we are in a lockdown
MP’s get £10K to stay at home, get tested for Covid-19,
we don’t even have PPE or a screen.
GP’s consult by phone,
we have to see patients in person.


So we are in a lockdown
No surprise the pharmacists want to scream,
extra work, extra costs, extra deliveries.
Cope by yourself,
and leave us alone.


Where are the RPS?
Where are the other bodies?
Where is our support system?
Where are you Dr Ridge?
Are we in a lockdown?





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