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The National Pharmacy Association (NPA) has welcomed Public Policy Projects’ (PPP) report on how primary care providers could work together more productively to improve patient access and outcomes of care.

The report, Stronger Together: Collaborative Primary Care at Scale, published by PPP in partnership with the thinktank Healthworks, was launched during a session in the Leading transformational change in primary care webinar hosted by PPP, on 5 April.

The report is made up of contributions from thought leaders within the health and care sectors and representatives of the wider communities of primary care providers and professions.

Nick Kaye, NPA vice chair, who contributed to the paper, said: “This is a much needed, timely piece of work which highlights how we as primary care providers can collaborate together to create primary care at scale.

“At a time when the health service and health needs of the population are growing ever more complex, it is imperative we come together to support the improved outcome for patients.”

The report recommends that the primary care contractors and their commissioners should:

  • Seek to develop a culture in which coproduction of care between four primary care contractors is paramount, working towards helping ensure each sector knows and understands how best it can work to support improved outcomes for patients.
  • Confront the challenges of addressing inequalities through the adoption of population health principles and techniques.
  • Acknowledge that the mixed economy supports the NHS.
  • Adopt a more meaningful mantra than “building back better” – perhaps “achieving fair and sustainable health improvements”.
  • Note the importance of the principle of national consistency in design and delivery of some services, but that contractors and commissioners work to “acceptable variability” tailored at local level.

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