Rowlands pharmacy is introducing a new plant-based packaging material at its MediPAC centralised dispensing facility.

The new ‘I am green’ packaging, which will use sugarcane-based dispensing bags, is way more eco-friendly than the current bag, yet it retains the same properties and performance, the company said in a statement on Friday (Feb 12).

The introduction of the green bags marks a significant commitment by Rowlands – removing 89 tons of traditional plastic from the MediPAC supply chain, used routinely in over 470 pharmacies across the UK.

Commenting on the switchover, Rowlands managing director, Mark Bather, said: “Organisations across the world are becoming increasingly more aware of how their day-to-day operations directly impact the environment. By introducing a new bio-based material at our MedPAC facility, we too are taking the necessary steps forward to minimise our carbon footprint.

“The strategic and financial investments we are making to partner with the right producers and suppliers are essential in helping us continue to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.”

‘I’m green’ is a Bio-PE or Green PE, a polyethylene made with renewable resources instead of fossil oil.

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