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The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) in Scotland has been seeking views from the profession and members of the public on what general practice pharmacy should look like at the end of the decade.

The society aims to involve practising pharmacists across Scotland in the creation of the vision so it accurately reflects pharmacists’ views.

‘Pharmacy 2030: a professional vision for the future of general practice pharmacy’ will consider how pharmacy will improve the safe and effective use of medicines for patients and address health inequalities and well-being for patients.

They will also consider the underpinning infrastructure required to ensure patients receive high quality services; maximise innovations, including digital and technology developments, and develop the pharmacy workforce.

Clare Morrison, RPS director for Scotland, said, “We want Pharmacy 2030 to be a vision that has been developed with pharmacists and pharmacy teams right across Scotland. That will make it a vision that really represents the whole profession’s views, so it is something everyone can get behind. RPS will then use Pharmacy 2030 to represent pharmacy and to lobby for change where it is needed.”

“Ultimately, Pharmacy 2030 will be a vision for the whole pharmacy profession, but to ensure we understand each sector fully, we are scoping the vision in stages. So far, we have published a vision on community pharmacy.”

Morrison added, “Now we want to hear your views on our vision for general practice pharmacy. Further scoping is currently taking place on hospital pharmacy and work is just starting on specialist pharmacy services and non-patient facing pharmacy roles in education, industry and support services.”

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