Sanofi on Wednesday announced the return of original formulation Syndol tablets, which is used for headache and migraine relief, after five years of absence.

The company is rolling out the tablets in the UK from the end of February 2019 due to high customer demand.

Syndol tablets contain doxylamine succinate (5mg), a first-generation antihistamine alongside paracetamol (450mg), codeine phosphate (10 mg) and caffeine (30 mg). It provides short term relief of acute moderate pain with paracetamol, aspirin or ibuprofen alone are not enough. Syndol tablets also help soothe muscle pain including in the face, head and neck. However, it can’t be used for more than three consecutive days as the presence of codeine may cause addiction.

The relaunch of Syndol tablets is being supported in trade through a nine-month 360 bespoke Pharmacy education and training campaign that is available on various online platforms. This programme will help pharmacy teams to readily identify between tension and migraine-type headache and provide detailed information on Syndol tablets, alongside a trade advertising campaign.

Sanofi aims to empower pharmacists to help their patients by providing a pharmacy specialist solution to treat headache, migraine and muscle pain symptoms. The reintroduction of original formation Syndol tablets will help the pharmacists to support customers to treat their specific tension headache and migraine pain symptoms with pharmacy specialist products, the company believes.

Syndol tablets are available in two pack sizes at the recommended retail price of £3.79 for 10 tablets, or £8.99 for 30 tablets.

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  1. At long last, we’ve got syndol back, hurrah! No more dodgy tablets from South Africa. It’s the only thing to take my tension headaches away, about time.

    • I couldn’t even get those at a sensible price so bought via Amazon, Kirkland-Signature-Sleep-Doxylamine-Succinate (OTC in the USA). Take 1/2 of one plus paracetamol and codeine and an espresso….. just in case it vanishes again!

      It’s disappointing that Sanofi still have the old info. up on their Syndol website.