Nasofed Anti Viral Nasal Spray, from EM Pharma, is delighted to welcome Dr Sarah Jarvis as medical adviser for its winter colds and flu consumer awareness campaign. Sarah is well known as a trusted and reliable source of medical advice through her various media roles as Resident GP on BBC R2’s The Jeremey Vine Show, Good Morning Britain, Channel 5 and ITV News.

Says Paul Walsh, EM Pharma Managing Director: “Dr Sarah will be offering advice on how people can best protect themselves and their families against seasonal and year-round viruses, including the use of Nasofed anti viral thixotropic nasal spray as an extra layer of protection particularly in situations of increased viral risk.”

Dr Sarah adds: “Viruses continue to affect our daily lives, whether that be year-round viruses or more seasonal viruses such as colds and flu and RSV, all of which are expected to be particularly prevalent this year.  In situations of increased viral risk, a thixotropic nasal spray delivering anti viral ingredients will help protect you. It’s a real step forward in virus prevention, not just for colds and flu, but also year-round viruses.”

Paul Walsh, EM Pharma Managing Director, continues: “The opportunity for Pharmacy remains significant. Not only has the pandemic resulted in growing consumer demand for products to help in virus prevention, but health experts are also predicting that the coming flu season may be severe. Consumers want products that are not only effective, but also easy to use, and well tolerated. The unique thixotropic properties of Nasofed Anti Viral Nasal Spray offer the consumer exceptional benefits in terms of efficacy and user experience”.

The Nasofed winter colds and flu campaign will comprise a consumer education programme, PR, and social media social outreach.

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