Superdrug Online Doctors has made travelling easy ahead of Easter by introducing jet lag ‘melatonin’ tablets into its travel services portfolio to help those taking long haul flights.

The company has seen an 287 per cent increase in demand for its travel services and products. Malaria treatment is up by 272 per cent, gut health products up by 317 per cent, jet lag melatonin tablets increasing by 900 per cent since launch and Period Delay services which offer more choice when it comes to the timing of periods up by 195 per cent year-on-year.

Dr Sara Kayat, Superdrug’s medical ambassador, comments: “Jet lag is a temporary sleep problem that affects people who travel across different time zones. It can occur when your internal clock, the function that lets your body know when to stay awake and when to sleep, is disrupted by a new time zone and puts your internal clock out of sync. Melatonin is a hormone we produce to help regulate our sleep cycles, and a synthetic version can be taken in the short term to manage jet lag.”

Michael Henry, Superdrug’s Healthcare Director, has this to say: “Now that people are travelling more freely, they’re considering longer haul destinations where jet lag can take its toll.  Our jet lag tablets give holiday goers the option to reduce the impact of this common problem.”

The most common symptom of jet lag is a disturbed sleeping cycle. Other possible symptoms include headaches, sore muscles, digestion problems and changes in appetite.

The multiple is selling Melatonin Jet Lag tablets 3mg, x 10 priced at £24 and Melatonin Jet Lag tablets 3mg, x 20 for £34.

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