Superdrug has become the first high street retailer to offer a Covid-19 PCR testing service that uses a patient’s saliva.

The company says its part of Superdrug’s continued efforts to support the UK public through the coronavirus pandemic.

I adds that the Chronomics Covid-19 saliva test is an accurate and reliable PCR saliva test available at all 200 Superdrug pharmacies and on

The PCR saliva test offers multiple benefits over a swab test. It is non-intrusive, painless, faster and simpler to collect and has no need to involve a health professional.

The Covid-19 PCR saliva test looks for the presence of RNA from SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) virus using the RT-PCR method.

There is no age restriction when taking the test, however, the test should be taken under the supervision of an adult.

The PCR test is clinically proven as the gold standard of testing with the highest sensitivity and accuracy of all Covid-19 tests. Saliva as the testing type also has the added benefits of being non intrusive, painless and simple to take an accurate test without the need for healthcare professionals.

Michael Henry, Superdrug’s healthcare director, said: “Superdrug offers the most comprehensive suite of Covid-19 services on the high street and has supported the public from the start of the pandemic.  Adding the PCR saliva test to our portfolio of Covid-19 testing services, is another step forward in the global battle to fight the pandemic. We’re proud that we can offer our customers further choice and accessibility to a range of Covid-19 tests that suit their needs.”

Dr Tom Stubbs, chief executive of Chronomics, said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with Superdrug, providing the public with easy access to our RT-PCR saliva Covid-19 test. People need certainty in these difficult times, and that’s precisely what the Chronomic test gives them. Being a saliva based test, it’s simple, straightforward and far less intrusive to get an accurate result.”

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