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DHSC adds Dexcom One transmitter to March 2023 Drug Tariff


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Department of Health of Social Care (DHSC) has confirmed that the Dexcom One Transmitter will be added to Part IXA of the March 2023 Drug Tariff.

“Previously, patients were advised to obtain the free-of-charge Dexcom One transmitters directly from the pharmacies, without a prescription, as the original Drug Tariff application for the transmitter was unsuccessful,” said the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC)

It has raised concerns with DHSC and Dexcom that these distribution arrangements for transmitters are unacceptable because they result in extra unfunded activity for community pharmacies.

Both, DHSC and Dexcom acted upon these concerns by agreeing to add the Dexcom One transmitter to the Drug Tariff from March 2023. At the same time, Dexcom One CGM System (containing 1 sensor, 1 sensor applicator, 1 transmitter) will also be added to the March Drug Tariff.

Clinics or hospitals will provide Dexcom ONE starter packs free-of-charge to patients at the point of initiation. The starter packs contain a 10-day sensor and a 3-month transmitter to give time for the first prescription of sensors to be generated. Sensors packs are available in 2 pack sizes (1 pack which lasts 10-days and 3-pack which lasts 30 days) and each transmitter lasts for three months. Accordingly, patients will need to obtain additional sensors and transmitters on prescription.

The table below shows the new Dexcom products and prices:

Product February 2023 Drug Tariff Price March 2023 Drug Tariff Price
Dexcom One Sensor (1) £25 £23  (decrease)
Dexcom One Sensor (3) £75 £69 (decrease)
Dexcom One Transmitter (new) n/a £18
Dexcom One CGM System (new) n/a £41

PSNC is still awaiting a decision from DHSC on the Discount Not Deducted (DND) status of these appliances.



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