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New Pharmacy Stakeholder Forum to drive collaborative leadership


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The new pharmacy forum to provide space for future development and innovation

At last Friday’s Clinical Congress Conference, the NHSE Chief Pharmaceutical Officer for England at NHS England, David Webb, announced  the upcoming launch of the Pharmacy Stakeholder Forum- an initiative led by NHS England aimed to improve pharmacy professional leadership and foster collaboration within the sector.

Webb highlighted the forum’s significance as a platform for driving transformative change in pharmacy leadership.

“The aim is to deliver collaboration to develop a stronger and more united voice for pharmacy professionals,” Webb emphasised.

Highlighting the need to drive transformative change in pharmacy leadership, he underscored that “the overarching goal is to address key challenges facing the pharmacy profession and chart a course for future development and innovation.”

Scheduled to commence in June, the Pharmacy Stakeholder Forum will provide a space for diverse organisations and networks with a vested interest in pharmacy professional leadership to converge.

Webb stressed that this initiative presents an opportunity for various pharmacy leadership models and specialist professional groups to collaborate on creating “a new model for professional leadership”.

Webb highlighted the forum’s significance, stating, “This initiative presents an opportunity for various pharmacy leadership models and specialist professional groups to work together to create a new model for professional leadership, something that other professions will want to emulate.”

By fostering collaboration and sharing best practices, the forum aims to empower pharmacy professionals to drive positive change and improve patient care outcomes.

Key stakeholders, including professional bodies, regulatory authorities, academia, and industry representatives, are expected to participate in the forum’s discussions.

It will serve as a platform for open dialogue, enabling participants to exchange ideas, share insights, and collaborate on initiatives that advance the pharmacy profession as a whole.

Moreover, the establishment of the Pharmacy Stakeholder Forum underscores the NHS’s commitment to supporting the development of pharmacy leadership at all levels.

On Pharmacy Professional Leadership Advisory Board

Furthermore, Webb also shared update about the recently established Pharmacy Professional Leadership Board‘s inaugural quarterly meeting.

He said, “Pharmacy professional leadership has never been more important for us all,” underscoring the board’s pivotal role in shaping the future trajectory of pharmacy leadership.

“The key purpose of pharmacy professional leadership is the optimisation of medicines for patients. And that includes efficiency, productivity and value, safety, quality improvement, innovation and sustainability,” he said.

Comprising ex officio organisations and expert members, the board boasts a formidable lineup, with an independent chair, John Sadler of the NHS Confederation, providing guidance and oversight.

Webb emphasised the board’s mission to foster collaboration among diverse leadership paradigms, aiming to create a more united and impactful voice for pharmacy professionals nationwide.


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