Robin Tombs, CEO, Yoti

Leading advanced private electronic prescription system Clynxx has announced a new partnership with identity platform Yoti to provide a “secure solution” for checking medical prescribers’ identities.

Clynxx said it will be able to offer prescribers instant access by combining the regulatory information on approved prescribers with Yoti’s identity services, adding that the move will further help in reducing wait times for patients requiring urgent care.

“Until recently, prescribers have to write a paper-based prescription and copy, fax or email a proof to a pharmacy on the promise that the prescriber will supply them with the original pen-signed prescription within 72 hours. Now however, prescribers can send a digital (advanced electronic) prescription directly to a patient instantly – negating the need for a paper prescription to follow by post or otherwise,” Tuck Muswizu, founder and director of Clynxx, explained.

The solution will allow Clynxx to revoke access of those prescribers who leave the regulatory register, ensuring that all of its prescriptions have been made only by someone legally allowed to do so.

“By using ID verification from Yoti, we no longer need to carry out manual checks and we can grant prescribers immediate instant access to our system so they can provide crucial care to their patients. Critically for us, faster sign ups also mean that we aren’t losing customers to competitors too,” Muswizu added.

Yoti delivers identity verification for business including the NHS, Co-op and Virgin Atlantic and is the strategic identity partner for the Post Office in the UK.

Commenting on the new partneship, Robin Tombs, Yoti chief executive, said: “We’re proud to see Yoti technology powering the UK’s official private advanced electronic prescription system. Quickly verifying prescribers identity is an important step that will give pharmacies and patients further confidence that the prescription they receive is compliant. It’s another important step forward in the digital transformation of healthcare.”

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