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Sigma Community Pharmacy Conference: Celebrating The Heart of Healthcare


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Community pharmacies are essential pillars of healthcare provision and our communities, says Lord Popat

The Sigma Community Pharmacy Conference kicked off with a powerful and insightful speech by Lord Popat, setting the tone for a day dedicated to recognising and celebrating the pivotal role that community pharmacies play in our society. His opening remarks not only expressed gratitude but also underscored the importance of community pharmacies in the fabric of our healthcare system.

Lord Popat’s gratitude extended beyond the immediate audience, recognizing the collaborative efforts that bring such conferences to life. Dr. Bharat Shah’s role in making the event possible highlighted the interconnectedness of the healthcare community, setting the stage for a day of shared insights and collaboration.

In his address, Lord Popat shed light on the critical role community pharmacies play in our society. Community pharmacies, he emphasised, are more than just dispensaries—they are essential pillars of healthcare provision and our communities. Acting as the first point of contact for medical advice, prescription medications, and various healthcare services, they alleviate the pressure on GP waiting times and ensure timely access to treatment for minor illnesses.

Lord Popat acknowledged the exceptional role community pharmacies played during the COVID-19 pandemic. From dispensing vaccines to offering guidance on public health measures, pharmacists stood on the front lines, showcasing their resilience, dedication, and contribution to community well-being.

Beyond healthcare services, community pharmacies serve as community hubs. They provide a welcoming environment for individuals to seek guidance, build relationships, and access reliable healthcare information. The personal connections developed between pharmacists and customers foster trust and create a space where individuals feel comfortable seeking advice and support for their health concerns.

A message from the Prime Minister was read out by Lord Popat, emphasizing the government’s appreciation for the hard work of pharmacy teams. The government’s commitment to supporting community pharmacies was evident in the announced investment of up to £645 million over the next two years to bolster the Pharmacy First service for patients.

This investment enables community pharmacists to play an even more significant role by assessing patients and providing treatment options without the need for a GP’s appointment. The Prime Minister acknowledged the vital role community pharmacies play in maintaining and caring for local communities, extending personal gratitude to everyone providing these essential services daily.

In conclusion, the Sigma Community Pharmacy Conference opened with a powerful recognition of the indispensable role community pharmacies play in our healthcare system.

Lord Popat and the Prime Minister collectively conveyed gratitude and support, acknowledging the tireless efforts of community pharmacists. As we navigate the challenges of healthcare, let us recognize and appreciate these cornerstones of our communities, whose accessibility, expertise, and diverse range of services contribute significantly to the well-being of individuals from all walks of life. The conference promises to be a platform for sharing insights, fostering collaboration, and collectively working towards a healthier future.


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