Alice Beer from ITV show 'This Morning' visited Well Pharmacy’s Scott Arms-Walsall Road store in Gr Birmingham

Following a backlash received for misrepresenting pharmacists, ITV show ‘This Morning’ today featured a high street pharmacy and discussed the variety of services pharmacies provide – from vaccinations to weight loss clinics.

Alice Beer from the show visited Well Pharmacy’s Scott Arms-Walsall Road store in Great Barr, Birmingham to highlight what pharmacists do for patients.

Pharmacist Amit Sahdev explained about the benefits of using local pharmacy for common illnesses and other clinical concerns.

Pharma bodies, which earlier reacted sharply against the show, appreciated the report and congratulated Sahdev and Well Pharmacy for showcasing the vital ways the profession helps patients.

In what has been been as a misguided vitriol on pharmacy, journalist and broadcaster Sam Delaney, one of the two discussants on the show on January 17, referred pharmacists as “pretended doctors” and said what pharmacists do is “collect the box of pills that I have been given as prescription for, from behind your shelf.”

The television network later apologised “for any offence caused”.

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