New NHS-funded training course
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Health Education England (HEE) has developed funded training offers for community pharmacists, including locums aiming to become independent prescribers.

Almost 3000 independent prescribing training places will be available to pharmacists from March 2023.

This training enables pharmacists to support patients from diagnosis to prescribing, and to provide advice and follow-up – while also helping them to feel confident and prepared for the new challenges of their role.

Courses will be available between April 2023 and March 2024, with several universities offering multiple dates for cohort intakes. Start dates will depend on the university provider.

Training will enable the provision of new models of care: supporting patients from diagnosis to prescribing, providing advice and follow-up, and preparing pharmacists to provide clinical care, as pharmacy services become more widespread within emerging clinical pathways.

The required eligibility criteria:

  • Community pharmacists (including locum pharmacists); Pharmacists employed in General Practice (who are not eligible for, or enrolled on, the Primary Care Pharmacy Education Programme (PCPEP) and those who are working to provide primary care services (e.g., working in primary care) who are not employed in ARRS roles); and Health and Justice pharmacists
  • Pharmacists enrolled on CPPE’s Primary Care Pharmacy Education Pathway (PCPEP) and meet the PCPEP criteria to enrol on an Independent Prescribing Course
  • Pharmacists working in an NHS Hospital Trust or Mental Health Trust (NHS managed sector); pharmacists working in an integrated care board, ICB (previously CCG pharmacists)

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