Vitamin D

A diet supplemented with vitamin D can help support healthy weight loss and reduce fat percentage, a new clinical study revealed.

A trial was conducted over a three-month period with 125 overweight and obese Southeastern European Caucasians with vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency.

Participants were prescribed vitamin D3 3000 IU/d oral spray supplementation, or a placebo, alongside a calorie-restricted diet programme of 600 kcal less than the total energy expenditure of each individual.

The report stated that the group who were prescribed vitamin D witnessed significant improvements in serum 25(OH)D level and a greater reduction in body weight, BMI, and fat percentage in all individuals within this group.

The study supported by BetterYou found that with the prevalence of low vitamin D becoming a serious global health problem in all ages, even in areas with natural sun exposure throughout the year, the study shines a light on the importance of vitamin D supplementation.

Andrew Thomas, founder and CEO at BetterYou, said: “According to the findings of this study, vitamin D3 3000 IU/d supplementation in combination with a diet program over a 12-week period can significantly improve weight loss and reduce fat percentage.”

“The NHS recommends all UK adults take a daily vitamin D supplement in autumn and winter months of at least 10 micrograms a day, however our findings show vitamin D deficiencies across the globe – even countries with sun exposure throughout the year, proving its importance to maintaining a healthy lifestyle day in day out.”

“If current trends continue, up to 58 per cent of the world’s adult population will be overweight or obese by 2030 rendering it crucial and incredibly exciting to uncover a link between vitamin D supplementation and its beneficial impact on obesity-related disorders.”

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