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Green Party unveils ambitious NHS investment plan ahead of General Election


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The Green Party envisions this investment as a means to ensure dignity for those in need and alleviate the burden on NHS services

The Green Party has previewed its upcoming manifesto with a bold proposal for the National Health Service (NHS) and social care system, promising an unprecedented level of investment to restore and enhance these critical services.

By 2030, the Greens aim to inject over £50 billion annually into health and social care, accompanied by an additional £20 billion capital investment to modernise healthcare infrastructure.

Green Party Co-Leader Adrian Ramsay emphasised the urgency of these reforms, stating, “Our NHS is at breaking point following 14 years of underfunding.”

“Patients are stuck in hospital corridors, people can’t see their GP or NHS dentist when they need to, and staff are severely overstretched.”

The manifesto highlights a comprehensive approach to revitalising the NHS, including:

A £30 billion annual increase for the NHS: This funding aims to raise salaries for frontline workers, ensuring rapid access to GPs and same-day service in urgent cases.

It also pledges universal access to NHS dental care.

Ramsay elaborated, “Greens believe passionately in the NHS and we are the only party to be honest with the public that it’s going to cost money to nurse the NHS back to health after 14 years of Conservative damage.”

A £20 billion per year boost for social care: This proposal seeks to address the pressures on the NHS caused by an underfunded care system.

The Green Party envisions this investment as a means to ensure dignity for those in need and alleviate the burden on NHS services.

A £20 billion capital investment: The Greens plan to modernise aging hospitals and primary care facilities, as well as update outdated equipment, bringing them up to contemporary standards.

Co-Leader Carla Denyer underscored the Green Party’s commitment to maintaining the public nature of the NHS, saying, “It is only the Greens who are offering a cast-iron guarantee to push back against the creeping privatisation of the NHS.”

She contrasted this with other parties, noting, “Wes Streeting, the Shadow Health Secretary, said he would ‘hold the door wide open’ to an increased role for the private sector in our precious NHS.”

Pallavi Devulapalli, the Green Party’s Health, Social Care and Public Health spokesperson and a practicing GP, shared her perspective on the impact of underinvestment:

“It breaks my heart when patients come into my surgery and I know they won’t get the care they need in a timely manner. But it doesn’t have to be like this.”

“With the political will, we can have an NHS that puts the patient first and ensures world-beating quality of care,” she added.

The Greens argue that their plans are not only necessary but also feasible, advocating for a fairer tax system to fund these substantial investments.

Ramsay concluded, “With more Greens in the next Parliament, we will press the new government to take the action needed to restore our NHS.”


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