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Invatech Health donates £54,000 to fully fund a new medical centre in Northern Syria


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The company’s CEO Tariq Muhammad is appealing to other UK business owners to help raise a further £125,000 to help those in desperate need in the region

Bristol-based Invatech Health has announced that it is fully funding the development of a new medical centre for families displaced by war and disaster in Northern Syria.

The company has donated £54,000 to Action for Humanity for the medical centre, which would be part of a new village being constructed by the NGO, which provides clean water food, shelter, healthcare and education for millions of Syrians.

According to the technology company, their donation is one of the charity’s largest ever single donor contributions.

The new village is set to accommodate 750 families, offering newly constructed homes, each featuring two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

The medical center, designed to serve 4,000 vulnerable individuals, will include a pharmacy and offer a comprehensive range of healthcare services, including clinics specializing in gynaecology, internal medicine, paediatrics, dentistry, physiotherapy, radiography, and pharmacy.

An artist’s impression of the new health centre 

Invatech Health’s CEO Tariq Muhammad was part of the delegation of four UK pharmacists, who recently visited the region on a four-day trip organised by the charity.

Tariq said that he saw firsthand the plight and suffering of thousands of people, mostly children, whose lives have been devastated by a decade-long civil war.

“My visit to Syria was a humbling experience and I was not prepared for what I saw,” he said.

“There were thousands of people living in squalid conditions with hardly any food or clean water. I visited a campsite where I saw children sitting in stagnant water. I sat in a tent where the father told me he burns bits of plastic to generate heat for his family.

“Having seen first-hand the suffering of so many people and the impact Action for Humanity is making, I felt compelled to help. For many it may seem only a drop in the ocean but every contribution we can make can change the lives of desperate people.

“As a pharmacist, I wanted to support the healthcare provision in the village as I have witnessed the amazing work doctors, nurses and pharmacists are already doing,” he added.

The pharmacy tech entrepreneur has appealed to other UK business owners to help raise a further £125,000 to fund 50 homes in the new village and help those in desperate need in Syria.

“I hope that the business community will support me to help raise funds for the 50 houses. If 50 businesses can pay for one house each that would be incredible, but any amount is greatly appreciated and will contribute to the whole project,” he said.

Tariq has pledged to personally oversee the allocation of funds, ensuring that every donated penny contributes to the financing of the new village.

The village project is scheduled to start in the next couple of months and Tariq will be visiting Syria again later this year to check the progress.

Since the Syrian conflict started in March 2011, more than six million people have been displaced, with more than one million currently residing in tents. The tragedy escalated last year due to an earthquake in neighboring Turkey which destroyed even more homes across the region.

Jacob Marais, spokesman for Action for Humanity, said: “Thirteen years of suffering brought about by war, has been compounded by last year’s earthquake to create one of the worst humanitarian disasters in memory.

“A year on from the devastation and communities are still reeling. More than ever, Syrians need healthcare, housing, and support to ensure their long-term resilience.

“Following last year’s earthquake, over 12 million people in Syria are in desperate need of medical assistance. The funds from Tariq’s generous donation will go towards providing life-saving medical support to thousands of families in Northwest Syria.”

During his trip to Syria, Tariq was accompanied by fellow pharmacist Zeshan Rehmani, who has been a leading advocate for Action For Humanity for many years supporting important humanitarian causes in war-stricken areas.

Zeshan’s Manchester Pharmacy and Health Clinic was an early adopter of the Titan patient medication record (PMR) system which was pioneered by Invatech Health.

To contribute to Tariq’s Syria Appeal, please visit the Invatech Health’s website.







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