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Pharmacy2U offers same-day appointments for NHS Pharmacy First service


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Boots and Superdrug pharmacies have also introduced the service from 31st January

Pharmacy2U has joined thousands of pharmacists in launching the new NHS Pharmacy First service in England.

The new service, which was first launched on 31 January 2024, enables pharmacists to treat seven common health conditions without the need for a GP appointment or prescription.

Over 95 per cent of all community pharmacies in the country (10,265 in total) have signed up to provide the service, which is aimed at easing pressure on GP services while giving patients quick and accessible care.

Under the Pharmacy First service, the online pharmacy is offering same-day appointments to manage six conditions: sinusitis, an infected insect bite, sore throat, UTIs, shingles and impetigo.

Pharmacy2U’s CEO Kevin Heath said that they support the initiative fully and that the service will play a major role in providing patients easy and direct access to pharmacists.

Patients can book an appointment online to speak to a dedicated team of trained pharmacists at Pharmacy2U about any of these conditions.

When necessary, the pharmacists can issue prescriptions and deliver the medicines for free using Royal Mail’s 24-hour service.

With patients going to pharmacies for common conditions, the new scheme is expected to help free up 10 million GP appointments a year by next winter, giving them time and space to attend patients with more complex conditions.

Boots and Superdrug pharmacies have also introduced the service from 31st January.

Seb James, managing director of Boots UK and ROI, has described the addition of Pharmacy First service as one of the most “significant changes” in their 175-year history of service.

“The service makes it quicker and easier for patients to access the advice, care and treatment they need, allows our pharmacy team members to further utilise their professional skills and reduces pressures on GP surgeries,” he said.

Superdrug’s Pharmacy Superintendent, Niamh McMillan also maintained that the new scheme is an “excellent opportunity for pharmacists” to utilise their skills and support the health of their local community with this new service.




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