The Pharmacists’ Defence Association (PDA) has asked Boots UK to waive any restrictive clause that prevents pharmacists working with the multiple from working for other pharmacy employers, even after leaving the company.

However, the firm is yet to respond to the formal request, PDA said in an update.

This request follows demand from the association members shortly after the company announced it’s plans to cut opening hours.

On workforce shortages, the PDA stated if there was a genuine shortage, then preventing pharmacists from working for other pharmacy employers to make up for the lost hours would be counterproductive and it would further exacerbate any “shortage”.

Impact on income

PDA highlighted that reduction in opening hours or redundancy will reduce pharmacists’ income. Therefore, removal of any such clause would provide some relief by replacing those hours with work from other employers without restriction.

The association would advise its members after receiving a response from the pharmacy multiple, it said.

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