Walgreens selling Boots
(Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

The Pharmacists’ Defence Association has expressed concerns after hearing about inconsistent experiences from relief pharmacists at Boots amid the current pharmacy hours reduction initiative.

It stated that some relief pharmacists have informed the association that “they may already be at risk of redundancy.”

Some of them have been told that in a pharmacy where operating hours are being cut, they will be offered additional hours only after the available hours are allocated to pharmacists not on Relief contracts.

PDA stated that “pharmacists in this situation who have a relief contract should be treated no less favourably than other pharmacists.”

It has advised relief pharmacists who are in this situation and are subsequently dismissed from the role due to the situation they have been placed in, to urgently seek help from the PDA regarding any potential claims for unfair dismissal.

The association has also advised its member pharmacists to contact the Service Centre for support and encouraged non-members to join the PDA.

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