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The Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) has informed that all prescription returns/referred back items and disallowed items will be received through the Manage Your Services (MYS) portal and submitted for payment using the same route from July 2022 (for the dispensing month of June 2022).

At present, using the MYS portal to receive referred back and disallowed items is optional with nearly half of all contractors signed up to receive these digitally. The remaining contractors currently receive their referred back and disallowed items in the post from the NHSBSA.

From July 2022, MYS will be the only route available to view and submit required information for all referred back and disallowed items. For those still using the paper-based route, the final paper referred back and disallowed items that will be sent through the post will relate to prescriptions dispensed in May 2022.

NHSBSA will process any paper referred back items that were sent out before the switchover. Contractors with paper referred back items from previous months should aim to complete the required information and return these to the NHSBSA together with their monthly prescription bundle as soon as possible to avoid any delays to payment. These returns will be processed in line with the guidance for the original submission method.

Using MYS for receiving digital referred back and disallowed items means contractors:

  • receive these items sooner;
  • can provide information required to processes referred back items faster;
  • can submit a challenge for any disallowed items electronically;
  • can track the progress of any referred back items throughout until the point they are processed; and
  • do not risk losing these items in transit.

Pharmacy contractors wishing to sign up to receive digital referred backs and disallowed items earlier than the July 2022 switchover should contact the MYS team by emailing [email protected] or via telephone 0300 330 1368 to enable access to these features on the MYS portal.

Once these features are enabled on MYS, paper referred back and disallowed items will no longer be posted to the pharmacy.

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