Working towards its five-year strategy, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) has put some plan in place to change its existing structure at the executive level, which could potentially render some senior positions redundant.

Though the process is in nascent stage, “two roles have been identified at potential risk of redundancy,” RPS said in a statement on Thursday (March 3) afternoon, adding: “This is very much at proposal stage and no final decisions or outcomes have been reached.”0

It didn’t specify which two roles were going to be axed, saying: “We are unable to go into the specifics of the process for individuals due to its confidential nature, but we will of course go through a fair, reasonable and confidential consultation process and are supporting the individuals involved.

“No one should be in any doubt that our commitment to education and the profession’s development remains the highest priority for us, and equally support for our members, thought leadership and advocacy are core to what we do as a professional leadership body.”

The RPS strategy for 2021-2026, launched last year, sets out its ambition to further strengthen the viability and sustainability of the organization and to deliver its objectives for the benefit of members, customers and the wider profession.

The strategy document states: “Our leadership in this will require a balance between supporting our membership in the present whilst also challenging the profession to constantly move forward, innovate and maintain their focus on the safe and effective use of medicines. This may sometimes feel uncomfortable for us, our members and the profession of pharmacy.

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