Steve Brine
Steve Brine MP

Chair of the Health and Social Care Committee Steve Brine MP has called on community pharmacy contractors to join a newly launched a parliamentary ‘call for evidence’ which will look into ‘prevention’ as a key to the future of the NHS.

A former pharmacy minister and keen supporter of the sector, Mr Brine has called on all community pharmacists to “make their contribution count” by taking part in a major inquiry which will remain open for submission until Wednesday 8 February 2023 and will also involve general practitioners, nurses and other health professionals.

Community pharmacists can submit their proposals written under 750 words, outlining what they think are the issues around prevention the parliamentary body should explore, why these issues deserve the Commons Select Committee’s attention, and how government policy could be developed or improved to address them.

The submissions will then be used to help the committee decide where it should focus its attention in the later stages of the inquiry on prevention, which is a vital part of the NHS Long Term Plan.

Huge incentive for community pharmacy: Sigma

Backing the Brine-led initiative, Sigma Pharmaceuticals has said it believes that the sector is “well trained, well positioned and professionally qualified to offer key health diagnostic services” to all its patients.

Community pharmacy, the company says, is ideally placed to “highlight and prevent any serious conditions that may have a major impact” not only on an individual lifestyle but on the NHS as a whole.

Sigma therefore strongly encourages community pharmacists to respond to “this timely enquiry launched by Steve Brine”.

It believes that their input “will certainly highlight the role pharmacy is prepared to take, provided the services are properly funded.”

“The incentives for pharmacy to engage are huge and you should not miss this vital opportunity to contribute,” adds Sigma.

Those who would like to submit their proposals to the Commons Select Committee and make their views count can do by clicking this link.


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