The Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) has created a Covid-19 learning hub to support pharmacy professionals through the pandemic.

The resource hub aims to enable community pharmacists to find all the resources that they may need to update themselves.

Community pharmacists can access a collection of resources for a variety of topics such as returning to pharmacy practice, looking for the latest Covid-19 resources, seeking support or resilience, among others.

It also includes a guide to ‘returning to pharmacy practice’, which aims to support pharmacy professionals making a comeback to community or hospital pharmacy after a gap.

The guide has a self-assessment framework to help the professionals to identify the key areas pharmacists need to visit to refresh their knowledge for practice.

Pharmacy professionals will also have access to daily Zoom drop-in sessions to provide them with additional support.

The advanced learning section in the hub contains more specific clinical guidance and information on medicines including various e-learning resources.

The section on seeking support and resilience links new resilience page where the user can find information on how to build resilience and deal with stressful situations.

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