Photo by DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP via Getty Images

A Coronavirus “super variant” worse than Covid-19, Covid-22, is likely to emerge next year, stated reports on Tuesday (Aug 24), citing a Zurich-based scientist’s claim, who also warned that every unvaccinated person, including children, is a potential super-spreader.

According to Dr Sai Reddy, the immunologist expert at federal technology institute ETH Zurich, a combination of existing strains is likely to result in a new and more dangerous phase of the pandemic.

“Covid-22 could be even worse than what we are experiencing now,” Reddy warned, adding that multiple vaccinations will need to be prepared over the next few years as the world continues to fight the evolving threat, “maybe for the rest of our lives”, reports said.

Speaking to a Swiss German-language newspaper, the scientist said due to the likes of Delta “this is no longer Covid-19” and warned anyone refusing to get jabbed will be infected at some point.

“The viral load of Delta is so great that anyone who has not been vaccinated and who is infected with the variant can be a super spreader,” he added.

He said the Beta and Gamma variants can partially avoid antibodies and while Delta is “much more contagious” it hasn’t “developed any escape mutations”.

Recommending that Covid shots should be given to all children, Reddy claimed there is enough evidence to show the jabs are not a threat to under 12s, reports said.

He went on to say “vaccination breakthroughs” will arrive in the autumn when cases will again increase and could see the return of tough restrictive measures in some countries.

“It is very likely that a new variant will emerge where we can no longer rely solely on vaccination,” Reddy said.

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