The Pharmacists’ Defence Association (PDA) has made the its ‘Education revision programme’ accessible for new registrations who are preparing for the GPhC/PSNI November 2022 assessment.

The programme offers a wide range of practice calculations questions, some mock exams, practical tips on revision, and an opportunity to chat to other PDA members who are preparing to sit the assessment.

PDA’s charity partners, Pharmacist Support also offer a range of options including- Counselling and peer support; Financial support; A listening friend service and Addiction support.

Candidates can also access the Wardley Wellbeing Service here. This is a resource to help candidates to prioritise their mental, physical and emotional health through individual and group training.

The PDA has also reminded all candidates that there have been some changes made by the GPhC to address problems that occurred in the June 2022 sitting.

Kate Kensington, PDA Head of Education said, “I would urge all trainees, prov-regs and potential pharmacists who are sitting the exam in November to look at the official guidance from the GPhC.  They will find vital information about the structure of the assessments, example questions and guidance for on the day.”  Find out more here.

The GPhC have advised that:

  • Test centres are permanent with computer equipment already in place.
  • Enhanced IT support will be available on the day.
  • A member of GPhC staff will be in attendance at each centre to ensure the assessment regulations are implemented and they will also be present during the examinations.
  • Invigilators have received enhanced training to help them better manage the process and on the day issues.

Collette Bradford, PDA Director of Organising and Engagement said,  “We all want candidates to be able to access the support they need to enable them to prepare and to sit the examinations with confidence on the day. The PDA has continued to share member feedback and recommendations with the GPhC to help to improve the assessment experience for all, including those who may require reasonable adjustments. We welcome the changes the regulator has outlined for the arrangements of the November sitting. These are high-stakes exams for trainees, prov-regs and potential pharmacists who are hoping to pass and progress their careers in pharmacy. The stakes are also high for the regulator, to demonstrate that they can deliver online exams which are proficient, robust, fair and a positive experience for all candidates. The PDA will be listening carefully to our members experiences.”

To register for the programme click here.

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