NHS staff delivers over 25 million lifesaving tests and checks


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Four new one-stop shops for testing are set to open in England along with four diagnostics centres

The NHS staff delivered more than 25 million checks for patients’ which is almost 2 million more than before the pandemic.

There has been an increase of almost 50 per cent between August to July as compared to a decade ago.

In 2013, the figures saw 11 million life-saving tests and checks being conducted by NHS staff in the same period.

Amanda Pritchard, NHS chief executive applauded the hard work of staff for delivering two more million tests and checks in the last year.

She said: “NHS campaigns encouraging people to come forward with worrying signs are having a hugely positive effect, with thousands more patients getting checked – so as ever, if you have any health concerns, please do get checked – it could save your life”.

With the increase in checks, four new diagnostics centres have already been approved to open in England – two in Wiltshire, one in Thanet and one in Cheshire.

The new centres will augment the existing 168 approved one-stop shops.

“The rollout of community diagnostic centres will not only help us to see more people than ever before, but they are also in locations that are most convenient for patients, and it is fantastic that we can today announce the approval of four more centres,” she added.

They are opened for patients’ convenience to get themselves checked at the nearby locations.

Moreover, these new centres will contribute to the existing 118 one-stop shops in local communities, including Wood Green and Barnsley Glass Works, which are already operational in shopping centres.

Steve Barclay, Health and Social Care Secretary hailed the opening of new one-stop shops and other diagnostic centres.

He said: “The NHS delivered two million extra potentially life-saving tests, scans and checks this year, helping to reduce waiting times and speed up treatments for people.

“This is part of our plan to use every available resource to improve access to health services for patients and ease pressure on the NHS”.



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